IPL for Rosacea common myths!

IPL treatment for Rosacea
IPL treatment for Rosacea
IPL treatment for Rosacea

IPL treatments for rosaca have been so popular in recent years that a lot of long term rosacea sufferers have been excited by the possibilities. However because they are so popular and discussed frequently, a lot of myths have spread about the actual procedure itself.

This article is designed to shut down some of those myths about IPL treatments for rosacea.

Myth: IPL for Rosacea will cure my rosacea forever!

Unfortunately, no. The treatment can clear up the redness and thickening, that much is true, as well as clear up pustules on the skin. However rosacea is a chronic condition, meaning that there isn’t a cure and you may require additional IPL treatments in the future. It is also advisable to continue other courses of action to combat your rosacea, such as a good diet, medication and the right skincare products.

Myth: The IPL treatment for rosacea is very painful and can only work for some people.

No, the treatment is not very painful. There may be some mild discomfort during the procedure itself, but not enough to even warrant an aspirin. Laser treatments for rosacea have proven to be effective on all skin types and stages of rosacea.

Myth: IPL treatment for Rosacea is a new development in medical technology so can’t be trusted!

Doctors have been using IPL treatments for all kinds of skin types for about 30 years now. If anything, with the new machines it is safer than ever to get IPL done to help with your rosacea.

Myth: IPL rosacea treatment will fix me immediately!

In most cases you will need to have multiple trips to the clinic. Most rosacea sufferers see great results after 3-6 trips to the specialist. However that varies depending upon your skin type and the stage of rosacea you are experiencing. In fact your face may be redder after the IPL treatment. So don’t be disheartened when you first get it and see yourself redder in the mirror, that is only a temporary side effect.

Myth: Rosacea uses the same IPL treatment as acne

No, there are specialized settings and machines for rosacea. When you find a specialist, it is crucial to find one who has had experience treating rosacea. There are 2 common types of lasers used in the procedure and a beautician might not even have those settings on her machine. It is best to find a qualified dermatologist so you know you are getting the right treatment for certain.

IPL for Rosacea

IPL Machine for Rosacea
IPL Machine for Rosacea
IPL Machine for Rosacea

Intense Pulse Light, commonly abbreviated as IPL, is a relatively new technology which uses lasers to treat skin conditions such as Rosacea. It has become popular in the last few years as many rosacea sufferers have had success in reducing their redness through IPL treatments. As there is no cure for rosacea yet, most people are forced to seek ways to reduce the symptoms of the condition, IPL being one of the most successful.

The IPL laser produces a single wavelength of focused light (a laser beam) that can be used at different intensities for different effects. Anything from repairing damaged blood vessels (a common effect of rosacea) to hair removal and the removal of dark spots (pigmentation) on the skin. It can even be used for the removal of lasers, so it really is a machine of many uses.

Some patients have experienced remarkable success with the use of IPL to reduce the redness in their face, while others claim only moderate success. There are names on the various types of IPL treatment procedures and programs.

Focussing the laser on veins in the face can reduce their swelling and therefore the overall redness seen on a patients face.

One of the problems with rosacea is that people often see a sufferer as somehow unhealthy and perhaps a heavy drinker, when the condition can occur in the healthiest of individuals and there are only a few options they can use to reduce symptoms.

When doing an IPL program often there are skin care products that need to be used in conjunction with the treatment to obtain the best effects. One such product is Rosasol, which is used to reduce inflammation. Immediately after the treatment your face may be more flushed but that calms down fairly quickly and the end results are usually seen after 4-5 treatments.

IPL is also very useful for repairing sun damage including unsightly sun spots on the face. Many rosacea sufferers use the treatment to get sun damage on their face repaired at the same time as a general redness reduction.

However it should be noted that despite IPL being a very effective treatment of rosacea, it should be used in conjunction with other techniques such as – avoiding hot/cold temperature, avoiding alcohol, avoiding spicy foods, getting a healthy overall diet, drinking plenty of water and so on.