Best Moisturizer for Rosacea

To combat rosacea you have to be very careful in determining which products you use on your face as well as your diet and behavior. One of the key elements is choosing the right moisturizer and choosing the correct moisturizer can be the difference between keeping your rosacea under control or having a flareup.

There are hundreds or products available and there are also many natural rosacea remedies which you can try using simple household ingredients!

So instead of reviewing some of the many products, here is a few key concepts to keep in mind when selecting a moisturizer product for your skin.

Firstly, it’s usually best to avoid products that have a large number of chemical ingredients. Moisturizers with 10 or 20 ingredients are more likely to irritate your skin than something nice and simple.

Also avoid products with alcohol, ureas, fragrances, sulfates and mineral oil in them. That sounds like a large list, but by simply looking for products labeled as organic you will avoid most of those nasty chemicals.

Look for ingredients that you know have a good reputation for healing skin. There are some natural ingredients like Manuka Honey, Shea butter, Cucumber, Jojoba oil which have proven healing qualities. If you use organic products with those proven ingredients you are more likely to have a product that works well with rosacea.

If you are using a medicated moisturizer, also look for products with 50% or higher active ingredients. That means that the product has a high potency of the products that help your skin. Some manufacturers dilute the potency of their products.

Two products which have been proven to work for most rosacea sufferers are:

1) Rosacea Care Willowherb Moisturizer with Vitamin K

This product works well when used in the morning and evening after washing your face. It is very gentle and has vitamin K and Willoherb to help heal tired rosacea afflicted skin and remove redness. It is very mild and very few rosacea sufferers have found this product to irritate or inflame their rosacea.

2) Cetaphil Fragrance Free Daily Facial Moisturizer

Cetaphil is a well known brand with rosacea sufferers – their soap and moisturizers are well known as a great combination for rosacea affected skin. This particular product has the additional advantage of containing a sunscreen. That means instead of using separate moisturizer and sunscreen products (and risking reactions between the products), you can use this single product.

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