Exercise and Rosacea

Rosacea and Exercise

Rosacea and Exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is part of having a healthy lifestyle – a great way to reduce fat, keep your heart healthy, keeping your muscles toned. But there are also benefits for your skin. For starters you are out in the sun, and as long as exposure is moderate, you are receiving your daily dose of vitamin D from the suns rays.

Additionally the increase in blood flow around the body from exercise helps stimulate the skin, keeping it refreshed and renewed. When you increase blood flow and increase your breathing, you are increasing the oxygen in your body, keeping your blood cells healthy and that flows through to your skin.

Not only that but internal organs benefit from an increased heart rate, accelerated breathing and the use of your muscles as you exercise. It helps remove waste from your system too, so you not only look great but your internal health is addressed by moderate exercise.

Additionally, from studies on rosacea we know that stress is known to exacerbate rosacea. The more stressed you are, the more rosacea flareups you have the worse they are. Stress hormones affect the glands in the skin which produce oil. So a very stressed person can have very oily skin which makes acne or rosacea worse. Limiting stress helps reduce your rosacea!

Now here’s the good news – exercise reduces stress! So walking or running around the park everyday improves not only your body and your skin, but your mind as well.

Moderate exercise has been shown to help with rosacea but there are some issues to be aware of when you exercise. The main problem with exercise is that when you do it outdoors, you will be exposed to UV rays. So whilst some sun is great for Vitamin D, too much UV and you may be at risk of making your rosacea worse.

To get around the UV risk, use sunscreen when outdoors. If you get sunburnt not only do you risk a
rosacea flareup, but you are risking cancer!

Additionally, you will need to maintain very good hygiene after exercising. You will be sweating more and failure to wash your face after a good exercise session can make rosacea worse. Use a very mild rosacea friendly cleaner and moisturizer.

The final risk is over heating yourself with effort. Extremely vigorous exercise has been known to cause a rosacea flareup. Use only moderate exercise such as brisk walks and short runs. Try to avoid exercising during the hottest part of the day. If you are in a cold environment, exercise indoors or you are outdoors cover your face to protect it from cold winds.

The health benefits of exercising are incredible, especially for rosacea! If you haven’t exercised for a while start off with a leisurely walk around the park. You will feel great afterwards, and build up from there. The key with exercise is regularity. Do it everyday and you will be feeling (and looking) great!

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